Solstice Theme when Camilla KumaRa joins Judy Anderson at Jazz Up Your Life

Hi dear ones! I am giving a heads-up for my appaerance on Jazz Up Your Life with Judy Anderson. Tuesday June 20th we will have the Councils of Light with us, with Solstice Light Codes and a very special transmission… I am totally excited about this already! With love in the One Heart,

Camilla KumaRagyllene


Re posting Serapis Bey from June 11th 2016

Re posting a channeling from this day last year ♡

Master Serapis Bey June 11th 2016

My beloveds, let me speak in a clear voice today. You are all in this process now, trying to cope with fluctuating energies, testing your wings, falling back and forth in dimensions, leaving things behind, standing up for your Self, experiencing moments of bliss and ecstasy. This IS the process of Ascension my beloveds. You are all masters in your own hologram, your experience of being Source incarnated at this moment of Now. And I wish to stress this. Every Now, every moment is your chance to feel the sacredness of creation. Every moment. If you choose to live in the past, if you choose to put your energy on waiting for a future that may or may not be yours in your highest plan – you miss your chance to experience the reason for you as Source incarnated, being here at this time. The Shift is through your heart awareness my beloveds. For it is here the codes will erupt and your multi-dimensionality, your master hood, your awaited upgrade in your physical appearance will take place.

I have carried the White Flame of Ascension for times and times, through lines and lines, through kingdoms, through empires ever since the last days of Atlantis. I have carried it as my part in the preparation for the planet Earth, your living goddess sun Gaia to raise together with her species in vibration. Not have I carried it to see you in fear stop yourselves from your own path. Let go my beloveds of placing your power in waiting, passively expecting an outer occurrence. Start living your truth Now and raise up like you already have. It has already occurred my friends, if we see it in a multi-dimensional perspective. The Shift is fully at hand in the 6th dimension. So raise to where the shift is my beloveds. Live your passion. Live your truth. Live fearlessly in the One Love.
Thank you, I am Master Serapis Bey.  

Camilla KumaRa June 11th 2016


Hi friends and co-creators,

This week I am delayed with making the latest White Flame Temple Meditation. I experience a period of sleepless nights with the little baby and my energy is very low and sensitive. I hope (and focus on) that I am able to tune in and create a video tomorrow Tuesday May 2nd!
With love on a sunny May 1st,

First send-out later tonight for The White Flame Temple!

2016-06-12 10.40.10

Hi beloved friends!

Later tonight I will send out the first video recording for The White Flame Temple. I am so excited for this series of Light Language Meditations!

If you feel guided to join us, it is still possible! Send me an email and I will arrange it ❤ Read more here The White Flame Temple Meditation Series

Much love, Camilla


Event next Sunday in Stockholm

I am not doing many group events this Spring because of my little baby who is 4 months old now by the way 🙂
On Sunday April 9th we have one of the few. We will work with the always magnificent Golden Ray! This event is fully booked with a waiting list.
Much love!

Free Weekend Replay! Camilla KumaRa on You Awakening with Jacklyn Johnston

Hi! What an exciting show we co-created last Tuesday! I was talking with lovely host Jacklyn Johnston about the elemental realms. We did two activations/ inner journeys – not to be missed! The Water Dragons and Unicorns came through with Light Language tones and heart opening frequencies. Magical! I really enjoyed the warm and generous vibes at You Awakening. A beautiful free transformation speaker series. Thank you Jacklyn, and thank you to an entire community! ❤

Today! March 28, Free Live Call on You Awakening ♡

Welcome to join us today! I am incredibly honored to be guest speaker on You Awakening Show with Jacklyn Johnston. You Awakening offers free programming to inspire, empower and support transformation. A program that holds a beautiful high frequency.
Be sure to subscribe at, if not already subscribed, to receive program announcements. Magical frequencies are awaited today! ☆ And I have a super exciting special offer for you as well ♡
March 28th, 2017
Time: 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern /6pm GMT/8 pm CEST (For Sweden)

Camilla KumaRa, Swedish Soul Path Guide and Light Language Healer, shares with us her experiences of meeting the magical elemental beings. She shares how she co-creates together with Fairies, Unicorns as well as with the Healing Dragons and more. All who lovingly support us and our ascending planet.

Listen to her exciting story of meetings both on the inner and the outer realms.
Experience a heart-opening channeled message from the glorious ninth dimensional Unicorn Beings.
Be open to be activated by Light Language Codes through the chanting and spoken words by Camilla KumaRa.
The Light Language Codes are pure transmissions of high frequency vibrations, all intuitively channeled in the moment. On this unique call you will experience a gift from the Unicorns for the heart chakra.

Let the magical realms become alive through the presence in your heart!